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Manten spot
  • グルメ
  • 宿泊

Kokumin-shukusha FURUIWAYASŌ

Stop in for a break at a natural onsen

A lodging facility with a natural onsen that stands right in front of Furuiwaya.

The dining hall offers a variety of dishes featuring local ingredients, like the local specialty pheasant soba, Ishizuchi wild boar curry and more, which can be savored together with views of the spectacular Furuiwaya scenery through the large glass windows.

The onsen is available for use by day visitors as well. Come soothe the weariness you have accumulated during the day at this inn blessed with natural abundance.

A walking path is maintained around the inn, making it easy for guests to enjoy a stroll through the natural surroundings. Bicycles are available for rental as well, adding the option to also cycle along through the rural satoyama* scenery.

*Satoyama are Japanese farming landscapes located between villages and the mountains.


Kokumin-shukusha FURUIWAYASŌ Gastronomic Information

To be savored together with the spectacular scenery of Furuiwaya

The wide range of menu options features specialties that put local ingredients to good use: pheasant soba, for instance, with the deep, rich flavor of the pheasant meat in it and the broth made with a secret recipe using pheasant meat and dishes like Ishizuchi wild boar curry.
Come enjoy one of these dishes while gazing out through the large glass windows at Furuiwaya’s spectacular scenery.

560-4 Kuma, Kumakōgen-chō, Kamiukena-gun, Ehime [google map]
13 min by car from Kumakōgen-chō Town Hall
Hours of Operation
11:00-14:30, 17:00-20:00 (Last order: 19:00) Closed on several dates yearly

Kokumin-shukusha FURUIWAYASŌ Lodging Information

A place to soothe guests in body, spirit and mind

An onsen waiting at the end of the journey’s path is one of the true charms of travel. Come enjoy some peaceful relaxation in the lodge’s bathing facilities lined with fieldstones and the natural onsen waters of Furuiwaya.
Economical ski and golf packages are offered as well.
In Shikoku, a region that has fostered the O-henro pilgrimage since long in the past, there exists a tradition of hospitality. This is borne of a spirit of appreciation for the hardships pilgrims endured in the past in order to make the pilgrimage, both in terms of physical endurance and economical considerations, and of prayerful sentiment for their safety along the pilgrimage path. This hospitality takes the forms of constructing places for pilgrims to rest, providing these places with foods and beverages, providing affordable lodging and more…
Keep FURUIWAYASŌ in mind as a base for sightseeing at the prefectural nature park and place of scenic beauty Furuiwaya or for making pilgrimage stops at Fudasho temples Daihō-ji (no. 44) and Iwaya-ji (no. 45) as well.

29 Japanese-style rooms, 5 Western-style rooms Capacity: 116 guests
Adults: ¥7,850 (1 night stay with 2 meals) 
Elementary school students: ¥7,200 (1 night stay with 2 meals) (Includes bathing fees and tax)
* Check-in: from 16:00, Check-out time: 9:00
* Cancellation policy:
・Charge for cancellations: 1 or 2 days before reservation: 20% of lodging fee
・Day of reservation: 30% of lodging fee
・No-shows without notification: 100% of lodging fee
* Smoking / no-smoking rooms are not provided.
* 3 Western-style rooms only are provided with toilets.
* With regard to other toilets, there are Western-type toilets available on each floor. Washlet bidet functions are not provided.

Bicycle Rental Service is Provided
Bicycles have been available for rental at the Kokumin-shukusha FURUIWAYASŌ since April 2013. Both hybrid and standard bicycle options are offered for guests to choose from. Come enjoy a ride through the Kumakōgen landscape with all its seasonal offerings: from the fresh green verdure of spring to its clear-flowing streams and the turning leaves of autumn…

Rental hours: 8:00–19:00
Usage fees:
Standard bicycle: ¥500 per day
Hybrid bicycle: ¥1,000 per day (including helmet, insurance and equipment)
Security deposit: ¥1,000 (returned upon guest’s return of bicycle)

Day Use of Onsen (12:00–22:00)
General (middle school students and older): ¥400; Elementary school students: ¥200, Young children (age 3 and older): ¥100
* Additionally, certain discounts are offered to registered residents of Kumakōgen-chō and others.
* Visitors who wish to use the onsen must purchase bath use tickets at the reception counter.
* Please understand that since the Kumakōgen-chō Bath Tax Ordinance went into effect on April 1, 2012, overnight guests (age 12 and older) are charged an additional bath tax (¥150 per person per day). Inquire at the reception counter for details.
* Day use guests may use the onsen until 22:00. Reception for newly arriving guests is until 21:15. (Excludes days when the inn is closed, etc.)
* From April through December, overnight guests may also use the onsen from 6:00 to 8:00 on the morning of the day following their arrival.

560-4 Kuma, Kumakōgen-chō, Kamiukena-gun, Ehime [google map]
13 min by car from Kumakōgen-chō Town Hall
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