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Riverbed Pot-like Holes Yakama no Ōketsu-gun

Naturally-sculpted features that resound with the roar of rushing water

The Yakama no Ōketsu-gun is a cluster of pot-like holes that have been hollowed out of the riverbed of the Kuro-kawa River that flows through the Yanadani-keikoku gorge by sediment and pebbles.

Names have been given to the individual cauldron-like holes, which are visible at the bottom of the deep green river with their range of different sizes in accordance with their shapes: the Tunnel Pot, Lion Pot, Spectacles Pot, and so on. The Yakama holes are stunning when the volume of water is high. The roar and intensity of the waterflow makes an overwhelming impression on visitors! With their curious forms, each of the kettles is unique, with no two alike, and they offer visitors senses of nature’s magic and its power. In summer the site is popular as a cool, refreshing oasis, and in autumn there are the colors of turning leaves to enjoy.

According to legend, there is a dragon spirit that dwells in the Yakama holes to whom homage is paid when praying for rain. Furthermore, when still no rain came, metal objects that the dragon spirit disliked were placed into the pools of water to anger the spirit and incite it to bring rain.


Riverbed Pot-like Holes Yakama no Ōketsu-gun: Basic Information for the Whole Area

Safety Considerations
About the walking path leading to the Yakama no Ōketsu-gun:
The walking path is often slippery from water, fallen leaves and so on. Please be careful when walking along it, as the path is steeply sloped.
On the way in, the path leads downhill and should take about 20 minutes.
The way back leads up a steep slope, so it may take about 30 minutes. The way is fairly steep, so please be sure to pace yourself, allow plenty of time and watch your step.

Yanaigawa, Kumakōgen-chō, Kamiukena-gun, Ehime [google map]
1 hour and 35 minutes by car from Kumakōgen-chō Town Hall





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