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Manten spot
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Ishizuchi Skyline

Enjoy a drive through the grandeur of nature

A driving route situated to the south of Mount Ishizuchi (1,982 m), the highest peak in Western Japan, that starts from the gateway to the Omogo-kei gorge and makes a straightaway dash to Tsuchigoya, where the Tsuchi-goya-yōhaiden shrine is located. The winding mountain route leads visitors higher and higher up.

Along the way, after passage through the Kanmuri-dake Tunnel, visitors are treated to magnificent views of the mountain’s highest peak, Tengu-dake. Also, on days with fair weather, views from the Nagao-One Ridge Observatory Deck located 13.1 km along the route extend as far as the Goraikō-no-taki waterfall, and in the season of autumn foliage, visitors can enjoy a sensation like passing through “tunnels” of yellow, orange and red.

The drive from the entrance to the Ishizuchi Skyline to Tsuchigoya takes about 30 minutes. As this is a landscape often shrouded with mist, in certain weather conditions visitors can experience the wondrous sensation of peering down on clouds after having broken their way up through them.

* The route offers nice scenery in all seasons, so take care not to take your eyes off the road as you drive, and beware of falling rocks as well.


Ishizuchi Skyline : Basic Information

The route presents drivers with a continuing succession of pleasantly winding curves, so drivers should take care not to unintentionally raise their speed as they drive!
Open car windows in seasons like spring and autumn for a feel of the mountain air and breeze.
In summertime, if you stop for a break along the way and get out of the car, you should be able to hear the sounds of kajika frogs and evening cicadas.
This is a driving area where visitors can experience nature with all five senses.

Hours when the Ishizuchi Skyline is open to traffic
April 1–April 28: 7:00–18:00
April 29–May 31: 7:00–19:00
June 1–June 30: 7:00–20:00
July 1–July 10 (“Mountain Opening” season): 4:00–20:00
July 11–August 31: 7:00–20:00
September 1–November 30: 7:00–18:00
Winter season road closure:
December 1–March 31

* Please be aware that even outside the winter season road closure the route may be closed if a certain level of rainfall is exceeded, or in cases of early snowfall or snowfall in April or later.
* Be sure to head up the Ishizuchi Skyline route with a full tank of gas.

Wakayama, Kumakōgen-chō, Kamiukena-gun, Ehime [google map]
45 min by car from Kumakōgen-chō Town Hall
Kumakōgen-chō Tourism Association 0892-21-1192
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