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Manten spot
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Mount Ōkawa-mine

Enjoy grand panoramic views of highland greenery under skies of blue

Located at the northern tip of the Shikoku karst, a peak in the Ōkawa-mine range with an elevation of 1,525 m.
Heading up the Yanadani-Mikawa prefectural route with its natural abundance, there is a spot above 1,400 m elevation where the field of view suddenly opens up.
This is Ōkawa-mine with its highlands of green covered with sasa bamboo grass and succession of gently sloping ridgelines under the blue sky. Visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery throughout the seasons, from the fresh verdure of spring and thickets of blooming mitsuba azalea (Rhododendron dilatatum) in early summer to the maiden silvergrass (Miscanthus sinensis) of autumn. This is a spot where grand panoramic views can be taken in, with views extending to the magnificent Ishizuchi Mountain Range and Mount Nakatsu Myōjin-san on days of nice weather.
Also, heading down the prefectural route toward the Izuga-tani valley, there is a virgin forest zone of Japanese beeches (Fagus crenata), one of the largest in Western Japan, that has been designated a Nature Conservation Special Area. Visitors can enjoy “forest bathing” amid the rare native flowers and plants that grow here.

Mount Ōkawa-mine: Basic Information

Kokuyūrin-nai, Kumakōgen-chō, Kamiukena-gun, Ehime [google map]
45 min by car from Michi-no-eki Mikawa
Kumakōgen-chō Tourism Association 0892-21-1192
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