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Manten spot
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Omogo-kei Gorge

Natural works of art not to be experienced anywhere else

A nationally designated site of scenic beauty, this gorge—the largest in Shikoku—stretches along the foot of Mount Ishizuchi to its south, and through it runs the clear-flowing Niyodo-gawa River with its waters sparkling in emerald green tones. Containing the headwaters of the Niyodo-gawa River (known for its “Niyodo Blue” coloration) as well, the Omogo-kei gorge features the highest water quality ranking in Japan. Taking on different appearances from one season to the next, the scenes offered here are truly works of natural art, made up of the area’s curiously shaped rock formations and mountain streams.
This is a place that shows a range of different faces depending on the time and season: from the mountain flowers and fresh verdure of spring and dynamic river recreation of summer to beautiful fall foliage and the sparkling snow-covered world of winter.
Numerous trails offer access to places where this gorge can be enjoyed in full on foot as well!
Come enjoy an excursion along one of these paths in search of your own favorite scenery.


Omogo-kei Gorge: Basic Information for the Whole Area

Wakayama, Kumakōgen-chō, Kamiukena-gun, Ehime 791-1710 [google map]
About 50 min by car from Kumakōgen-chō Town Hall
Kumakōgen-chō Tourism Association 0892-21-1192

Omogo-kei Gorge Walking: The Kanmon Walking Path

A footpath packed with attractions of note

A pathway of about 600 m that runs along the river from the Omogo-sangaku Museum parking lot to the Tsūten-kyō bridge. Here, with views of the emerald green river to the side, visitors can experience the beauty of the gorge with ease. Walks of about 20 minutes each way lead to attractions like Kanmon, where curiously shaped precipitous rock formations line both sides, and the Kūsen-kyō bridge with its mystical air.

The Omogo-kawa river’s narrowest gorge. It is known as Sarutobi-iwa rock as well, a name said to have come from Sarutobi Sasuke, hero of the Tatsukawa-bunko collection of novels that sparked a ninja boom in the Taishō period. Next to the Omogo-sangaku Museum, there is also a “Sarutobi Sasuke Birthplace Monument.”


Kūsen-kyō bridge
Bridge of faux wood spanning the gorge at Kanmon. A scenic viewpoint with a mystical air, the bridge seems to float in the sky.
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