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"Okuma Manjū" related to Kōbō-Daishi

Founded in 1878. Thin-skin manjū confections with connections to a folktale involving hospitality given to Kōbō-Daishi

Takaichi Honpo was founded in 1878. According to folklore, Kōbō-Daishi is said to have been deeply impressed upon being offered hot tea and manjū confections in this area while passing through in the course of ascetic training.

The handmade an sweet bean paste used in the manjū, which are made based on that tale, differs from both the chunky tsubu-an and strained koshi-an types and features a rare grey coloration. Its only ingredients are adzuki beans, sugar and wheat. Besides these carefully selected ingredients, Okuma Manjū’s confections are made with the soft water of Kumakōgen-chō, which is blessed with natural abundance.

The handmade an is prepared with meticulous care to ensure the very best flavor in any season or weather conditions. Be sure to come savor this luxuriant an, prepared as kawamuki-an using peeled adzuki beans to give the paste a smooth texture and refined sweetness.

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Takaichi Honpo: Basic Information

574-4 Kuma, Kumakōgen-chō, Kamiukena-gun, Ehime 791-1201 [google map]
Tel: 0892-21-0014 E-mail:
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